I am an entrepreneurial minded graphic designer. My career has been filled with a variety of amazing experiences. I created and executed on an original concept for a dot-com startup, oKID. I served as a Senior Creative Director at Fox Studios. I founded, grew and eventually sold my own creative agency, Riser, which enjoyed a thirteen year successful run serving an A-list of clients and receiving numerous awards for both business and work quality. My book, Burn Your Portfolio: Stuff they don’t teach you in design school, but should, was published in 2013 by Peachpit Press. I currently serve as a partner and Chief Creative Officer at EKR, the marketing agency that acquired my agency. My wife and I are happily married, living in Utah, the proud parents of our three boys.


Partner & CCO, EKR

Following a successful thirteen year run, I sold my creative agency, Riser, to our long-term, friendly, competing agency Eli Kirk. After a brief initial period operating as Eli Kirk Riser, we rebranded the agency using the acronym EKR. I continue to operate as a partner and Chief Creative Officer at the agency where I manage the design team and collaborate with the other partners to grow our business.

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Founder & CEO, Riser

I founded the creative agency, Riser, in 2002. Initially working from my home in Los Angeles, my first clients were Sony, ABC Family and TDK. Within a few years that client list expanded to include Disney, ABC, Google, NBC, Fox and many other notable brands in entertainment and technology. Over the course of Riser’s existence I managed the company to an average annual profit margin of 31%, won numerous awards for both business growth and work quality, and employed more than 70 designers, programmers and support staff.

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Author, Burn Your Portfolio

I am the author of the book “Burn Your Portfolio: Stuff they don’t teach you in design school, but should.” The book is consistently a best seller in the industry. It contains more than 100 bite-sized chapters across 400 pages where I share techniques for business, client relations, effective project management, teamwork and communication that can directly apply to the careers of individuals working in any creative field. The book was published by Pearson under their Peachpit Press line of books. It is available in English, Russian and two forms of Chinese.

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Sr. Creative Director, Fox Kids & Fox Family

During the height of the dot-com era, I operated as a Sr. Creative Director at Fox where I managed the design, editorial and development teams to execute on all digital aspects of the Fox Kids and Fox Family brands. While working at Fox I orchestrated multiple website launches, creation of brand style guides, as well as development and implementation of advertising initiatives. Additionally, I collaborated with senior executives to manage the Fox Kids and Fox Family brands across all marketing platforms.

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Creative Director, oKID.com

In 1998, while living in Phoenix, Arizona, I was hired by an emerging children’s toy and book company called Futech Interactive Products, Inc. I was their first dedicated digital designer and was tasked to create their company website. Through an “always exceed expectations” mindset, I expanded on the initial vision and orchestrated the creation of a fully interactive website for kids called oKID World. The site included online games, cartoons, interactive environments and educational materials. I received several promotions and quickly found myself managing more than 20 designers, programmers and editorial staff members. oKID.com was one of the first websites of its kind.

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Clients & Brands

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of providing creative services for some of the most recognized and revered brands in the world. I consider it an honor to have served these great companies through creative direction, art direction, design and development services.